Jökulsarlon Glacier lagoon

Jökulsarlon is the most Magical place in Iceland and maybe in the world. This is the location where the sea meets the glacier. Huge icebergs break from the Vatnjökull glacier and float on a huge lake. When they have melted a little, they are carried out to the North Atlantic by tides. The sea washes them and sculpts them before washing them onto a black sand beach called “Diamond Beach.

Jökulsarlon Diamond beach

Jökulsarlon tours

Tours to Jökulsarlon are usually over a several days if you really want to see it in its best light. Below are a collection of 1 day tours run by our sightseeing travel partners. These sightseeing tours involve a lot of driving, but they take you through the best of Iceland.

The road there and back is along Iceland’s South coast. Depending on time and road conditions, you could make stops at a couple of waterfalls and beaches. Comfort breaks are also necessary & fairly well placed.

Ultimate photo tour

Our 6 day photo tour includes quality time at Jökulsarlon and the Diamond beach. Diamonds and Dragons.

Skogafoss waterfall

The Glacier lagoon is just as beautiful as the ice beach. The floating icebergs at Jökulsarlon often have a wide variety of textures and colours. In still weather, reflections are common. Seal colonies frequent the lagoon and can be seen sunbathing on the lake ice.

Jokulsarlon Panorama

Get close up to Glacier ice to witness 1000 years of detail.

Glacier ice up close

Arctic wildlife

Glacier wilderness

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Jökulsarlon private day tours

These tours are with a private vehicle with pick-up from Reykjavik. They will take you to Jökulsarlon and the diamond beach with your own schedule.

Jökulsarlon diamond beach This is a taxi tour, stopping at Reykjavik – Seljalandsfoss & Skogarfoss waterfalls – Reynisfjara(black beach) – Vik – Kirkjubaejarklaustur – Jokulsarlon – Reykjavik

You can select a small vehicle for 1 – 3 passengers or a larger vehicle for 4 – 8 passengers

  • Tour duration: 12-14 hours
  • Can be booked until last minute

  • Jökulsarlon bus tours

    These tours are bus tours with pick-up from Reykjavik. They will take you to Jökulsarlon and the diamond beach in a single day with a few quick stops enroute.

    Jökulsarlon Diamond Beach #Iceland

    Jökulsarlon Glacier lagoon

    Our sightseeing trip includes Glaciers, waterfalls and icebergs on the diamond beach at the top nature location in Iceland. This day tour explores the South Coast to Vik and then heads East to the largest glacier in Iceland. We spend quality time at Jökulsarlon & the Diamond Beach. Then take a guided boat tour around the floating icebergs.

    Food is available at the Jökulsarlon center (not included). On the return trip we make visit the waterfalls, Skógafoss and Seljalandsfoss.

    Jokulsarlon diamond beach

    Diamond Beach

    This guided sightseeing bus tour visits the beautiful Seljalandsfoss waterfall. The villages of Kirkjubæjarklaustur & Vik. We explore the glacier tongue at Svínafellsjökull straight out of the Game of Thrones. Eventually we arrive at Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon and the “Diamond” beach. After a couple of hours at the glacier lagoon, we head back to Reykjavik.  The canyon at Fjadrargljufur depends on conditions but could be possible.


    • Tour duration: 14 hours

    Because of reduced daylight from November to February, a lot of the driving to and from the Glacier lagoon will be in darkness, but the highlight of this tour – Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon will be visited during daylight.

    Sightseeing tour includes
    Pick-up & drop-off in Reykjavik

    You need to bring
    Warm outdoor clothes, waterproofs and sturdy shoes. You can bring your own refreshments or buy them during the trip.

    Please note
    This tour requires a minimum number 4 persons. Gateway to Iceland reserves the right to change or cancel any tour due to weather or the safety of our passengers.

    Jökulsarlon Diamond Beach #Iceland

    Jökulsarlon Glacier lagoon

    This tour includes waterfalls, icebergs and the famous diamond beach at Iceland’s most number one nature location. This sightseeing trip takes us along the South Coast and East to Iceland’s largest glacier. We spend some time at the Glacier lagoon & visit the Diamond Beach.

    Food is available at the Jökulsarlon center (not included). On the return drive we make stops at the amazing Skógafoss and Seljalandsfoss waterfalls.

    Jökulsarlon Lagoon #Iceland

    Jökulsarlon Glacier lagoon

    You can’t miss this natural wonder of Iceland with huge, ancient icebergs floating in the lagoon. Jökulsarlon gives you a feeling of amazing peace as the thousand year old glacier melts into the lagoon and slowly makes its voyage to the ocean.

    The lagoon is the deepest lake in Iceland and it is less than 100 years old. We stay for one and a half hours at the lagoon, you could add a 30-minute boat tour.

    Tour duration: 07:30 – 22:00

    Activities in the Jökulsarlon area


    Ice cave tours from Jökulsarlon


    Jökulsarlon Ice & aurora - the cheapest way to get there - #Iceland
    Jökulsarlon Ice lagoon by bus

    Jökulsarlon glacier beach - the cheapest way to get there - #Iceland
    Diamond beach - Jökulsarlon by Bus #Iceland

    Take the bus - Ice on the beach - #Iceland
    Diamond ice beach - #Iceland

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